Educational Programs

Scotch Plains Montessori serves children from 4 months to six years of age. From birth, children demonstrate an enthusiasm to learn, be creative, and possess an extreme curiosity about their world.

Our goal is to provide a stimulating, interactive and nurturing learning environment which encourages each child to develop their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills to their full potential.

Infant Care

Under 2 Years Old

Young children need lots of love and extra special care and our infant program provides just that. Our infant room is a comfortable place filled with nurturing surroundings and loving care. Our program offers each child one-on-one and group activities, gentle play and safe exploration. Infants are encouraged to learn about their surroundings through a curriculum that focus on sensory and motor skills. It’s stimulating to the development of young minds without being overwhelming.

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2 - 3 Years Old

For a toddler the world is a magical place, full of constant learning and exploration. Our program promotes independence so they can develop confidence to learn through exploration and play. When caring for toddlers we help facilitate that adventure along with positive emotional guidance helping them to understand the boundaries of their independence. We help provide structure to little lives through a consistent routine which  includes free play, structured play, group times for music and language, and outdoor experiences.

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3 Years Old

As 3 year olds start coming into their own, it’s important they have time and space to explore their independence in a safe and supportive environment. In our 3 year old care program we help develop autonomy and an openness to learning. We encourage respectfulness and nurture social development skills. Our structured yet flexible program provides lots of opportunities for individual and group learning. Our teachers focus on developing curiosity, creative critical-thinking.

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4 Years Old

Our Prep Pre-K 4 structured and interactive curriculum has been developed to stimulate each child's desire to learn so that they experience core academic and life skills that include age appropriate socialization while learning language, writing, reading and math. Our approach ensures that children are exposed to a diverse array of learning activities and that they thrive in all areas creative thinking, problem solving, and decision making.

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5 - 6 Years Old

Our kindergarten program was developed to prepare each child to learn core lessons that will aid them to transition into the school system. We offer a secure and encouraging environment for children to develop autonomy. We engage children with individual, small group and whole group experiences and structured group sessions for discussion on language, reading, writing math and geography. All activities are designed to be flexible and are focused on the learning experience rather than the academic outcome.

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Visit Us:  1577 East 2nd St. Scotch Plains, NJ 07076