Welcome to Scotch Plains Montessori School

We provide a learning environment of quality that facilitates children to grow and develop in an age appropriate manner.

Our Mission

Our programs assure children the freedom to learn by doing.

Our philosophy is to complement varying learning styles while reinforcing boundaries to each child with a more hands-on approach from our team of educators.

Our team is well trained and experienced in the fields of Early Childhood and Elementary Education. We reassure parents that their children are in good hands by constantly keeping open lines of communication.

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More Than a Curriculum

We take pride in instilling the philosophy of learning through play and exploration.

Every child is one-of-a-kind. It is our responsibility as Montessori educators to respect the needs and encourage the independent growth of each student by creating a learning environment that does the same. While well-structured and clearly defined, our methodologies are free to adapt to the individual development levels, interests and strengths of each student.

We firmly believe that the best way for a child to thrive is to empower that child by creating an environment filled with exciting possibilities to learn through all five senses.

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Developing Active Minds and Healthy Bodies

Activity and healthy eating are necessary for healthy development.

That's why it's so important to offer children healthy food choices - options that will nurture their bodies and fuel their brain development. We provide a healthy and balanced breakfast, snack and lunch to our students.

Our program integrates movement and physical activity with cognitive learning. We place an emphasis on learning and exploration through movement.

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