Our planned curriculum assures children freedom to learn by doing for themselves. Our staff is well trained and experienced in the fields of Early Childhood and Elementary Education. We reassure parents that their children are in good hands by constantly keeping open lines of communication.


We offer a superior product to parents requiring a well-structured curriculum at a competitive tuition rate. Our daily schedules contain varying essential academic and self-practical skills that include circle time, language development, mathematics concepts, and arts, music, and reading time. We also assist our parents with potty training toddlers. We are established in a centralized location in the heart of Union County, which is within easy driving distance to major highways and routes. We take pride in instilling the philosophy of learning through play and exploration. Our staff also understands the importance of safety. Therefore we have an internal security system to assure safety to each child and team members within our school and our playground area.

Our daily schedules contains all the required things like circle time, language and arts, computer, music and exercise, potty time, snacks time, cooking time. We assist our parents with potty training toddlers.

You can view list of our holidays when we will be closed.


We strive to provide children with activities that include story telling, arts, & many projects that can aid children’s brain development and critical thinking. These practical and education activities are essential for growth during early ages while playing a vital role in children’s character throughout their lives.